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Celebration of Life – Boubacar Koné (August 2017)


On the one-year anniversary of my husband’s death, prayers were offered and a feast in celebration of his life was prepared.

In the balancing of life, I signed for a new home on the same day and realized another door was opening for me. For the seller, a chapter in her life was closing. The circle of life is so obvious on cloudy days.
A visit to Daniel Minter’s solo show at the Soren Christian gallery. Lots of houses are a theme in his work… seems kind of appropriate for my new transistion.
Banji Face Jewelry
Musée Boribana – Dakar, Senegal


In 1997, my husband (Boubacar Koné) and I founded Senegal’s only contemporary art museum, the Musée Boribana, just outside Dakar. It featured works by local artists and pieces from the African diaspora in the United States, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, and Haiti.

My Garden


My garden: An amazing host from life’s beginning to its end… ever changing, ever a joy!