The idea to show works neither fully abstracted or fully based in realism offered me an opportunity to look at the pervasiveness of my colonial cultivation. The leftover vestiges of imposed customs we do not need started with a barrister/lawyer painting of Greg Bailey’s from Jamaica and took me on this journey of abstracted realities of works chosen from the diaspora. Holding a mirror up, from abstraction such as Greg Wiley Edwards’ piece of what I see and imagine, to many of the other works showing what I did not or could not see.


CCH Pounder, Curator/Collector


(Installation view: Greg Bailey and Ransome)


“I could not be more honored than to have one of my art senseis, Ms. CCH Pounder, here at Band of Vices curating a mighty show of 11 erudite and worldly men from throughout the Diaspora. What most people do not know is, this year marks 20 years to the month that she talked me into opening a commercial space for artists to live their dreams. Little did I know I would be living mine, as well.” Terrell Tilford, Creative Director




This is the final week to view STRADDLE THE WHIRLWIND by Sharon Louise Barnes. If you would like a digital catalogue, click HERE. For more installation views, click HERE.


(Installation photo: Gene Ogami)


African Millennium Foundation


As part of her participation with Band of Vices, Ms. Pounder is allocating her financial compensation to African Millennium Foundation. – A partnership with grassroots organizations, who work to create sustainable livelihoods by empowering communities in Africa.

If you would like to lend your support or send a GIFT on behalf of African Millennium Foundation.




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